Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow Day in the GAT

Today was a snow day here in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Buses were canceled and some schools were closed. I was loving it. It's about time we got a good dump of snow.

Heedless of the falling white stuff, Mike, Ken, and I stuck to our original game plan and headed up to the GAT for some x-c skiing. We skied from P12 Meech up Trail 40, and then up the crazy steep Trail 2 to the Western chalet where we stopped for lunch. Click here to see this section of the Gatineau Winter Trail map.

Lunch consisted of some awesome toasted cheese bun sandwiches with basil chicken and garlic sauce. To wash it down I had a half pint of Guinness courtesy of Kenmore. I must say, by bringing beer and breaking the snow covered trails for Mike and I, Kenmore has most definitely ensured himself a spot on this GAT ski team. Thanks again buddy.

Signs on the GAT trail Western cabin, Gatineau
Western cabin, Gatineau Cozy fire at Western

When we finally got the courage up to leave the warm cozy hut it was officially a red alert blizzard. The wind was howling through the trees and the snow was literally blinding us as the storm blew it horizontally in to our faces. We loved it. Bring on the snow Mother Nature!

Kenmore, grizzlyG, Tripper

Oh I nearly forgot, what would a x-c ski trip in the GAT be without at least one wipe-out from the grizz?

Picture the scene... We were setting up to make the ski down to Western and grizz being the crazy daredevil screamed, "Me first!" and blasted by us. After seeing him round the corner I too took off down the hill. It's a short but steep descent with a couple of good corners but I was ready.

After scraping over the third patch of ice I was starting to get worried when BLAMO I see this pile of skis and poles off to my left. Mike had lost it and flew off into a tree. In spite of being doubled over with laughter I managed to make it down to the cabin safely and then quickly turned around to get the photo for all you blog readers out there. Thanks Mike.

grizz wipes out on the ride down to Western

And finally here's a little video for your enjoyment...

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