Thursday, September 15, 2005

King of the butterflies...

Stepped outside this evening to barbeque some chicken for supper and quickly spotted 3 monarch butterflies feasting on one of my wife's plants (sedum aka autumn joy) in the garden. A rare photo op. Here are a few of the pics that I managed to snap off before I realized that my beer was getting warm and the chicken needed flipping.

Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly
(flash was off for this one... can you see the "ghost trail" of its flapping wings?)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Peterborough Zoo

"Strongest Woman in the World appears at the Peterborough Zoo"...

Peterborough Zoo

Only moments later we met up with an up-and-comer for the "Strongest Woman" title...

Peterborough Zoo

We spent the better part of the day with my brother and his wife at the Peterborough Zoo followed by another awesome BBQ at their new house. I was so stuffed I had to have a 20 minute power nap before heading back to Ottawa. Thanks guys.

More zoo pics...
Peterborough Zoo
Humpless camel

Peterborough Zoo
Dolphins with sticks

Monster carp
Monster carp feeding on helpless, unsuspecting ducks.

Even as I shouted "Look down, ducky!!" I knew it was too late. Another duck was taken and another child screamed in horror. Devastating yes... but nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Winds of Katrina?

I was at Brittania Beach today with the kids when a series of strange dark clouds rolled in. The wind was up and steady and we were enjoying a nice relaxing picnic followed by a stroll down the beach. I was snapping some pics of the interesting clouds when Sara suggested that we head back to the van. So we packed everything up and headed for the van. The moment I threw the last of our gear into the back of the van and got another look out over the Ottawa River I heard the screams. The remaining parents and kids were running towards us as a freak sandstorm had started up. There was garbage flying all around and everything went dark just before the sand starting whipping the van. I snapped a couple pics and then headed for home just as the rain started to fall. Glad we didn't have to experience the real deal like those poor bastards in New Orleans.

Clouds coming in

Note the wires in the sky that are used to keep the seagulls from crapping on everybody on the beach. Gulls can be dangerous (click for story).

Storm a coming

Storm rolling in

And then the sandstorm hit...

Storm blowin' up