Saturday, March 31, 2012

Futsal EOYT

Cross in front

As luck would have it, Team Italy could not gather the troops to field a team for the April 14th end of year tournament at their appropriate level. That meant playing the higher skilled/ranked teams in an earlier end of year tourney.

Well they fought hard and played well but in the end they lost all three matches but not without a good fight. All said and done it was a great year and as parents it was great to see our girls play together.... and play well I might add.

Sara finished the year as top scorer for the team and Emma, having only played half a season, managed to finish in the top ten scorers for the entire league (winter season). Well done!

one-on-one Time-out

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Break at Finger Lakes

Fire at the lake

Like every other year, we managed to pull off another last minute March Break get together with the McMullans. Normally we head north to snow country where we frolic in the Great White North and all it has to offer... snowshoeing, tobogganing, ice-fishing, snow fort building.... memories in bathed in white. This year we turned south to a halfway point that landed us in the Finger Lakes district in up-state New York. This is wine country... 25 degrees, sunshine, shorts, and even a dip in the lake. Who would have thunk it possible?

After spending the better part of the first (semi-wet) day at the nearby shopping outlet it was high time for a hike and a return to nature. Thanks to, I managed to find an old abandoned rail trail that provided us with just the right fix.

Cayuga Trail, Auburn, NY Hawk taking off
Group shot Splash of red on the rail trail

We even managed to squeeze in a little history lesson on Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Very interesting and well worth the read/visit.

Harriet Tubman home Harriet Tubmangravesite (Fort Hill Cemetery - Auburn, NY)

On the last day we opted to stick close to the cottage and relax. The kids decided to take a March Break plunge in Owasco Lake thinking it would make a great post on FB. Well while four waded in, only two opted to go all the way dipping several times before crawling back out and heading for a hot shower. Thumbs up to Sara and Connor for following through on this challenge.

Cheers to Owasco Lake March Break plunge
March Break plunge March Break plunge

Okay, as it turned out they were having the very same weather in Ottawa but... um... did I mention the wine and the great company?

Pier on the north side of Owasco Lake Emerson Park rules
Cheers to Owasco Lake

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Monday, March 05, 2012

Winter ramblings

Cotton ball snow

Just a few pics from various winter rambles - a ski, a snowshoe, a hike. Snow is leaving fast and spring is in the air. (boo)

A short ski Is that a penguin on your head or a girl mask?
Huron Hut icicles Huron Hut
Huron Hut to myself IMG_7163
Parked for good IMG_0113