Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Acadia National Park, Maine

Ok ok, I'm falling behind on the blog so here's my cop out... a slideshow from our trip down east to Maine's Acadia National Park. The drive was long but well worth it. We camped at Blackwoods and the weather was stellar. There will be a return trip at some point in time.

Be sure to click on the button in the bottom right (the one with all the arrows) to enlarge the slideshow and let these photos live and breathe.

Monday, August 13, 2012

moe.down heads back to Turin!


moe.down 13... New date, old locale. Moving back to Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin, NY was hands down a good call by moe. as this is by far the better venue when compared to Moe.hawk, NY. Though to be fair, Mohawk has some stellar views making for a great backdrop to the stage. Regardless, at Turin, the set up is perfect with stages, vendors, parking, and tents all within about a 2 minute walk of each other (no hills either). Plus it's much closer to Canada, eh which makes it a no-brainer when deciding whether or not to attend.

As well, moving the date up into August and warmer weather also worked out well and despite the weatherman wanting to forecast rain everyday we only had a few showery moments and even they proved to be a welcome relief coming while we were crammed in the pit jamming to Friday night's late set.

This year I was joined by an old friend that I hadn't seen in many years. Teaming back up with Fred was easy and there were moments when I thought I was back at Rehill's working my summer slugging drywall for university fees (the local strip club was only hiring chicks) only this time nobody got arrested. Just kidding Elisa!

Fred with the birthday girl IMG_7126
IMG_7161 IMG_7177

The line-up was impressive once again this year. Grace Potter kicked off our Friday and once again she rocked hard. She even threw in a personal Happy Birthday song to a fan thanks to my man Fred belting out a request/scream that had everybody's head turning. An Kodak start to the weekend.
Grace Potter Grace Potter
Grace Potter Grace Potter Grace Potter sings happy birthday

Galactic was nice to check off my hitlist but having Corey Glover (Living Color) join them on stage was an unexpected bonus. Then later that night joining up with moe. on stage for a cover from The Band (Up On Cripple Creek) followed by a Galactic stage takeover was sweet.

IMG_7179 IMG_7394

The North Mississippi Allstars Duo provided a tight and entertaining set.

North Mississippi Allstars Duo North Mississippi Allstars Duo
Luther Dickinson Luther Dickinson

Having Umphrey's McGee back at moe.down was a bonus and their set was incredible despite it not being a late night set with their signature light show. Stanley Jordan was a huge bonus as Fred and I both familiar with his early work. Then the UMPH late night takeover of the stage from moe. to play a series of Pink Floyd songs from Dark Side of the Moon was epic. Definitely a weekend highlight.

Umphrey's McGee at moe.down Umphrey's McGee at moe.down
Umphrey's McGee with Stanley Jordan Umphrey's McGee with Stanley Jordan
moe. - UMPH switch moe. - UMPH switch

And of course moe. light it up with 6 sets and over 11 hours of music. Need I say moe.?

IMG_7323 IMG_7772
IMG_7232 IMG_7749
IMG_7315 IMG_7305
IMG_7329 IMG_7760

Here are a few shots of my fellow moe.rons. Enjoy.

IMG_7203 Laughing pig Family from Chicago
Photographer at moe.down Hooper IMG_7658

We are already looking forward to next year when I'm sure we will be joined by the usual moe.rons who opted this year to hit the Strangefolk reunion gig in VT. No hard feelings, only regrets that I couldn't be in two places at once. Cheers until next year!