Monday, July 18, 2011

Charleston Lake 2011


Our first family camping trip of the season and where better to start then at Charleston Lake with the McMullans. It was stinking hot which really simplified our daily game plan - load up canoe with food, cold drinks, swim gear, fishing rods and paddle to the nearest cove or island. And that is exactly what we did. For 6 days straight.

Rock jumping at Bob's Cove Rock jumping at Bob's Cove Rock jumping at Bob's Cove

The various jumping rocks were a definite highlight for both the kids and I. Even Sara managed to work up the courage to launch herself from a 4 foot overhanging rock. We all played it safe and kept our life jackets on knowing that at least one poor soul drowns in these waters every year. This summer it was a 15 year old high school boy from Ottawa, Hay Mu Tha Kyu. He was born in a Thailand refugee camp and moved to Canada when he was 11. Sad to think that after a difficult start to life he was finally heading towards a much brighter future and then one jump off a rock on a hot summer's day and it's all over. My advice... bad shit happens, play safe.

IMG_6805 IMG_6770
IMG_6793 IMG_6779
Day trip at Bob's Cove Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Good times in the summer of '11.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Some snaps from a couple of recent soccer tournaments.

Let's dance ;) IMG_6491
Nepean City Storm - Kingston, ON

OSU Power 2000 GU11 OSU Power 2000 GU11
OSU Power 2000 GU11 Festival!!
OSU Power 2000 GU11
OSU Power (call-up) - Syracuse, NY