Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ski to Lusk Cabin

XC ski to Lusk

At last a return ski to Lusk Cabin. Although there was no fresh snow to speak of the trails were freshly groomed and there were only a few icy zones that were very well marked for those unfamiliar with the hotspots.

IMG_7099 Danger

My timing throughout the day was perfect. The first and only people I spotted on the trail to Lusk Cabin were the overnighters as they hiked out with their gear. Yes you read correctly, hiked. There were 6 of them and the trails were so hard packed from use and lack of snow that they were able to walk out in their boots while pushing one of those big wheeled stroller contraptions. That's a first for this time of year. Anyhow, this meant that not only did I have the cabin to myself but it was also nice and warm thanks to these kind folk leaving the woodstove roaring. Sweet.

I soon set up shop and put my soup and sandwich on the stove to warm. With nothing to do but wait, I cracked a pint and kicked back to some tunes on my iPod. Moments like these are very therapeutic and despite the hard work skiing in here, I'm often left recharged and ready for another turn at the grindstone. Cheers.

IMG_7112 Smiley
View from Lusk outhouse