Sunday, March 25, 2007

moe. throws down at Lake Placid


moe. was certainly on their game at snoe.down 2007. The Friday night show was on fire. Of course this might have had something to do with the fact that I somehow managed to ride the rail on this one. Yep, my buddy and I were front row center. Thee best concert either of us have been to. Hands down.

Unfortunately cameras weren't allowed and unlike many others in the crowd I didn't bother trying to sneak mine in. The one you see above is from last year's snoe.down and should give you an idea of the moe.pit in front of the stage.

The "bootleg" of the show has already been posted. I had talked with this taper guy at some point during the night and as promised he has posted it in record time. Check it out here.

If any of you blog readers have been to Lake Placid, NY before you'd know that this place is not that big. Now imagine about 3,000 jamband fans, hippies, and moe.rons roaming around Main Street. Peace, love, and free hugs. You just can't find a friendlier atmosphere.

snoe.down 2007 hits Lake Placid
State trooper snoe.down ride checkmoe. at snoe.down 2007
Olympic Center signJagermeister tour bus

Other notables for the night were, Tea Leaf Green, Sam Kininger Band, Little Feat, and of course Kate Gaffney who stalked us all the way to Price Choppers at 5am. Or was that the other way round? It's all a blur.

Anyhow if you interested in getting the full weekend story you'll have to pour me a pint. Or three. It was a great time with lots of stories to tell (or not).

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