Sunday, June 25, 2006

Murphys Point Sunday

Saturday morning was spent watching my oldest play in a mini-soccer tournament. The team consisted of a bunch of kids hand picked by the coaches to play against the city select teams. Given none of the players really knew each other they played great and even tied the second game.

Even though I always tell her "You don't want to play net." She somehow found herself taking a turn at keeper. Luckily, thanks to some coaching from the sidelines, no goals were scored.

Saturday night we packed up the van with camping/canoeing/picnicing stuff in order to help us make a quick getaway Sunday morning for Murphys Point Provincial Park. With canoe on top and family inside we headed off down the road around 8:20am. Not too bad.


Spotted this doe and fawn on the way out of town.

The day was sunny and hot. A perfect day for some paddling, swimming, sailing, and snorkeling. There was also a fair bit of relaxing going on too.


The day began with a nice paddle out into the Big Rideau. We later used the canoe sail but I forgot to snap a pic (sorry).


Spent the better part of the morning just relaxing on the shoreline of this vacant paddle-in campsite.


Here were sneaking into a bay to replace a geocache that had gone missing (GCGXNG).

Spotted this dragonfly nymph shell on the shoreline. I have yet to see an adult dragonfly rip out of the back of one of these ugly creatures however I imagine it would be just like a scene out of "Aliens".

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