Sunday, June 04, 2006


Yesterday morning the kids headed out to the garage to grab their bikes while mom and I headed to the backyard to do some gardening/yard maintenance. We'd just stepped out back when we heard the kids calling us out front to the garage. The ruckus was about one dead chipmunk laying under the bikes in the garage not far from what appeared to be a recently sprung mousetrap. Not sure what happened to him but after a thorough once over from the kids and I we bagged him and tagged and got on with our day. (note: no pics on that one as mom vetoed the camera on us.)

Later that same afternoon I stepped outside to start cleaning out the garage when I spotted another chipmunk chattering away outside the entrance. As his head bobbed from me to the garage entrance and back again I realized that he wanted to high tail it but something inside was distracting him. Finally I hear yet another chipmunk squealing and as I step down off the front porch I spot the little guy barrelling out like he was up to no good. Relieved, the chipmunk on lookout and his guilty partner take off together. Except one of the little bozos decides to take cover in our plastic eavestrough. Not the brightest idea. (He was likely related to the recently deceased nut gatherer that we had found earlier.)

Stupid or not, this made for a great photo opportunity...

"Aw crap!! Deadend!"


"Look out buddy, I'm coming through!"


(click on pics to enlarge)

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