Friday, June 23, 2006

Hup Holland!!

Originally uploaded by Tripper (bvt).
The Netherlands finish second in their group and make it to the round of 16. Was there really any doubt?

Their match against Portugal is on Sunday afternoon. Feel free to start cheering now.

HUP Holland, HUP Holland!!


Deadbeat said...

Sorry to say it Beefy but I think the Portuguese will take down your boys. Just a hunch.

I wonder how many players will be taken off the grass on a stretcher only to return a few minutes later? If a hockey player gets taken off the ice on a stretcher, he probably has a broken neck. If not, he is definately not returning.

Kenmore said...

The Dutch fans seems to have recovered from their crushing defeat in the World Cup. Yesterday the Tour de France made a brief pass into Holland. Where there is usually a string of fans cheering along the roadside the Dutch fans were 5 and 6 deep on the curb. Utter mayhem. An excellent showing that was only dampened slightly by a Belgian rider taking the overall lead for the day.

All these fans will now travel to Alpe D' Huez (their home away from home) for the big stage in 10 days. Hup Holland!!