Monday, June 12, 2006

Four leaf clover

The other day my youngest daughter found a four leaf clover.

Somehow she knew that it was a symbol of good luck and decided to make a wish. In an attempt to help her choose what that wish should be her sister started shouting out some ideas. She seemed to be concerned about shouting these ideas before her little sister wasted it on something like a bowl of Count Chocula or a stuffed animal so in an excited voice she quickly shouted out the first things to come to mind...

"you could wish for fairy godparents" or
"a newt" or
"you could wish that all your wishes come true... and your sister's too"

God bless them. I too made a wish but I can't tell what it was or it won't come true.

UPDATE: A couple of days later my oldest daughter found her own four leaf clover. What the heck are they fertilizing these school grounds with nowadays? I've only found one four leaf clover in my life... mind you I stopped looking back in '76 after my wish for fairy godparents didn't come true.

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