Sunday, June 18, 2006

A happy day on the "mad" river

Today was Father's Day. Our plan? Head up to Burnstown on the Madawaska River to spend the day on the water, have a couple of beers, eat and be merry. I can't imagine a better way to pass a hot humid 38°C day.


The day started with me pulling over to save this painted turtle's life. No biggie. We named him Petey the painted turtle. The kids loved it when I threw him on the floor of the van to take with us to the Neills. Mom did not.


Kids had a blast swimming, playing on the windsurf board, and paddling around in the kayaks. The water was very refreshing (it is June eh).



Mikey telling another tall (but funny) tale.


The kids also spent some time exploring and looking for butterflies.


The day ended with Mikey jamming in his new Crocs followed by a BBQ and coffee, leftover cake, and ice cream for dessert.

A good time had by all. Cheers guys and thanks for hosting.

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