Saturday, October 10, 2009

moe. in TO.

moe. at the Opera House in TO

It's not that often that moe. crosses over the border into Canada so when we saw the tour schedule announce a Toronto date over the Thanksgiving weekend we just had to jump on it. Well technically in my case I only bought Paula's ticket that day so it more comparable to a zero gravity hop hop while Twiggy and Sue literally leap at the online ticket purchase even before packing for our moe.down 10 weekend. It just goes to show that there is no such thing as too much moe.

So less than 24 hours after arriving in Peterborough for Thanksgiving weekend, my wife and I were zooming down the road with Twig and Sue in the Jetta to see moe. at the Opera House in Toronto. Sweet. The moe. tunes were blasting and we were pumped. Not even the DVP could throw us off our game tonight.

moe. at the Opera House in TO
Chuck Garvey of moe. Rob Derhak Al Schnier (moe.)

Surprisingly we were one of the first moe.rons in the building (I think the only others waiting in line in front of us were the tapers - including the infamous BradM from Ottawa). I'm not exactly sure why the security was waving the wands at a moe. show but hey we passed through unscathed (unlike the Sue's incident with the beer can pat down at moe.down).

While waiting for the music to get under way (there was no opening act) I strolled up to the stage and snapped a pic of the evening's setlist taped to the floor in front of each mic stand. Not as impressive a song line-up as that played the previous night in Buffalo but still enough to send us home smiling.

Thanks again moe. for another great evening. Oh and how about adding an Ottawa date to your tour sometime soon?

Absent from photo, but still a moe.ron, Paula

2009-10-10 - The Opera House, TO
Set I: She Sends Me>Wind it up, Queen of Everything, Bring It Back Home>Waiting For The Punchline>Buster
Set II: Big World>Ricky Marten>Time Ed, Shoot First>Brent Black
Encore: George
Click here to listen to a boot.

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