Sunday, October 04, 2009

Westport and the Rideau Trail

Waiting and watching and secretly hoping...

A Sunday drive to Westport proved to be just the right cure for our weekend cabin fever. Joining the kids and I was Ken who is always up for a hike and some adventure in the great outdoors.

We picked up the Rideau Trail at McAndrews Rd. off of County Rd 10 (or N44 37.029 W76 25.239) and loaded with snacks and beverages we headed off in search of the occasionally elusive orange triangle as it wound its way through the countryside. Note that if you're following the orange triangle with the yellow tip then you're heading in the direction of Kingston - no yellow tip would indicate that you are Ottawa bound.

Our first obstacle was a large beaver pond. Alas this was not going to be a problem for us as the kind folks of the Rideau Trail Association have provided us with a rather elaborate ferry. It was more fun than a ride at the Ex.

All aboard Team work

Beaver pond traversed, we took a short break on a rocky hilltop and enjoyed some lunch. Soon after we came across an old sawmill near Bedford Mills. (click here for a HDR photo I found online). This place seemed to have a lot of character and apparently for the right price it could be all yours (serious offers only as the sign says).

The old mill Checking out the Old Mill Old sawmill at Bedford Mills

After the hike we drove back to Westport for some chip truck fries at Scotty's Tackle and Live Bait (he also sells flowers and shrubs, and rents boats and motors). Oh, you can also score a basket of shrimp if you're so inclined. We settled on just the fries. From here we headed back into town for some baked cookies (awesome by the way) and a tour of the local port to chase sea gulls off the docks.

Boat or submarine? Dock light
Westport Bakery Checkers for giants Dam Danger Newboro locks

Our drive back to Ottawa was leisurely to say the least. We made stops to check out the local sapper and miner cemetery, a new community centre, an approaching storm, and even a rainbow.

Dead sappers Westport bridge to the sky
Storm a comin' IMG_7901

Gotta love the Sunday drive through the countryside. Cheers.


Michael said...

Usually beavers just build a dam to walk across. A working two person ferry?

Them beavers is awesome!!

Kenmore said...

Excellent day out. A little rain but not too much to worry about.

YOu should really get a new edition of the RTA guide. Much better mapping done by the new editor.

John A Robb said...

Now that was a great day geocaching. I loved that little ferry. I will need to put this cache on my to do list!

John Cornish said...

What a great day! I'm the editor of the Rideau Trail Newsletter. I'd like to publish one of your photos of the family crossing on the ferry.
Can I please get your permission, and a good-resolution copy of the photo file?
Let me know, please at or 623 382 4778.
John Cornish