Monday, September 07, 2009

moe.down X

Members of Umphrey's McGee hit the stage with moe.

September 4-7, 2009
moe.down X
Turin NY
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The weekend we'd been waiting for all summer long had finally arrived. moe.down X was here at last!! We were stoked.

Our gang from Canada this year was myself, Steve (aka Twiggy) and his fiancee Sue. The others - Rick, Laura, Mic, and Glenn - all bailed at the last minute but for surprisingly good reasons. Next year guys. Right?

Steve and Sue arrived in Ottawa Thursday evening and after a round of introductions for Sue (it was the first time we'd met her) we then proceeded to chuckle and chat into the wee hours of the night. Around 2:30 it was finally time for bed (read: the fridge was empty).

By next morning around 9:30 we were heading down the highway. We crossed over without incident at Ogdensburg making only one relatively quick stop at the Lowville Wal-Mart Supercenter for a few supplies. I think we nearly cleaned the shelves of Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce and Tony Chachere's Cajun spice. Score!

We set up camp in our usual corner and then proceeded to chat up the neighbour's Jessie and Becky from PA. Shortly after setting up the tents, Sean and Maria arrived. It'd been 2 years since we'd seen them last but strangely enough it only felt like yesterday.

Okemah Al Schnier with Okemah

We all walked over to the main stage to check out Okemah and noticed that Al Schnier of moe. was sitting in with the band. Later that evening the keyboardist from Okemah (Kirk Juhas) joined moe. on stage and rocked out a great version of Spine of a Dog, Waiting for the Punchline, Four, and Buster. They couldn't have kicked him off the stage if they wanted too. Good thing too as he rocked up there.

Chuck Garvey of moe. Rob... always grinning Al Schnier (moe.) and Kirk Juhas (Okemah)
Al Schnier and Kirk Juhas of Okemah

Here's a couple of shots of Rob and Al trying to coax the wee ones to sing the chorus of Mexico during their afternoon set. Personally I think they did a great job.

Rob bribes his son to take the mike Al helps the kids sing along to Mexico

Aside from moe. I was impressed with all of the other bands with the exception of Method Man and Redman who threw down some angry face punching rap shit. It was all about popping caps and dissing women. Ya. True that my brother. ;)

CAKE hit the stage late and with a bit of attitude but still managed to pump up the crowd. And the funky cowbell slapper (aka vibraslap) used by front man John McCrea was a definite hit. Pun intended.

Sam Bush
Sam Bush Chuck with Sam Bush
Rob with some funky shades Al Schnier

Sam Bush (fiddle) impressed the most when he joined moe. a second time during their Saturday evening set on a 24 minute version of "Meat". Thanks for that.

The Nate Wilson Group
Nate Wilson Group Nate Wilson

Nate Wilson (originally from Assembly of Dust) stepped on stage Sunday night at the start of the second set and didn't leave until the fireworks were lit. Again it's becoming more and more obvious that a keyboardist would be a smoking addition. Think about that one boys.

Jim on washboard Vinnie Amico (moe.)Umphrey's McGee moe. with Umphrey's McGee

The craziest guitar showdown was when Jake, Brendan, and Andy of Umphrey's McGee joined moe. on the last night for a 20 minute take on "She". Sweet. Smokin' sweet.

Disco ball

Overall the weekend was a blur of hilarious moments interrupted by great music and face-melting moe. jams. We had a chance to reunite with some old friends and of course we made moe.friends too. And once again moe. played nearly 12 hours over the course of the weekend. Jamband supreme!! Rock on!!

Canadians at moe.down

Charlie the lost festie had us entertained for hours. Turns out he took a trip and then couldn't remember where he parked his tent. Luckily Twig was there to help him out. ;) Yeah right.

Jason and Rick were like an old married couple as they bickered and teased and generally wound each other up. Their muddy mountain biking adventures were hilarious and I only wish I was there to witness their outdoor shower-in-a-bag scene. On second thought, I'm glad I missed that one... but the story was again hilarious.

Rick and Tony jam

Tony and Rick pulled out their acoustic guitars a couple of times over the weekend. A nice way to relax before wandering off to the tent for a couple of hours sleep. Thanks guys.

Maria (and Sean) rocked at hoola hoops and even offered up some free lessons. Twig dude... you SUCK!

Cheers and until next year...
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Kenmore said...

Dude, you can get Sweet Baby Rae's at Farm Boy so you can stop "importing" it. Other than that, looks like it was a great weekend of music.

Michael said...

How many moe times will you be attending moe down? Two moe? Three moe?

Tripper said...

Hopefully many many moe. ;)

TOMMY420NYC said...

good job on the photos. looking at them brings me right back to that fun weekend