Saturday, September 19, 2009

Harvest of '09

Havest of '09

Every year we plant plants. This and that. Flowers, ground cover, veggies. Some things take, some don't. Some get love and attention, some don't. This year we planted and immediately we neglected. Problem was, so did Mother Nature. Put it all together and this is our harvest for the year. Thank God for mass production and superstores or we'd have to resort to cannibalism this winter.

Note: The Blackbeary Wheat was harvested out of my basement fridge. I had to give some life to the photo.


Michael said...

Big ups to your beer delivery man!

Jessie L. said...

Mmmmm.. Black Berry Wheat! Ever been to the Long Trail Brewery? It is a must if you are a fan of their beer.

Tripper said...

Love the LTB! I would love to plan a vacation solely around camping, hiking, and touring micro-breweries. How sweet would that be? ;)

Jessie L. said...

Do you know about the Vermont Brewery Passport?

We've visited 2 so far... but will get them all eventually!