Sunday, September 20, 2009

South March Highlands


Lately I was getting a little restless with all the summer-like weather and decided to get out for a hike. I tossed around a few ideas before finally deciding to keep it close to home. South March Highlands (I only discovered the name today) is out in the area of Kanata Lakes near the Old Carp Rd and March Rd. I've skied, snowshoed, and hiked these trails in the past but it now appears to have developed into a mountain biker's paradise with about 30 km of maintained trails. That said, I stuck to my trusty bendy sticks (that's legs eh) thus avoiding a tumble off of one of the swamp bridges on my Crappy Tire bike.

Blue skies, no bugs, and plenty of solitude. A perfect recipe.

I think they're planning a raid on the beaver house Splash down

For lunch I stopped on a nice flat rock alongside a pond and watched a flock of dragonflies bounce around the shoreline. I'm not sure what it was all about - likely some mating ritual - but it certainly was entertaining. I also took this time to road test my new mp3 speakers from iHome. Sweet. I was spinning some old AOD - check it out - that seemed to fit the moment perfectly.

Dragonfly tango

Click here for a map of the area and a general outline of the trail I hiked. I scooped this from a site talking about a snowshoe route so ignore the parts where it crosses over the lake itself. I've been known to work miracles from time to time but that's not one of them.

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