Sunday, September 06, 2009

moe.rons unite


Grateful Dead fans are "Deadheads" and Phish fans "Phishheads" and moe. fans are known as none other than "moe.rons". Here's a collage of fellow moe.rons attending moe.down 10 in all their glory. Enjoy.

(click to a photo enlarge)
Canadian boyz at moe.down
Splash of color Is that Reverend Willie G? Twig's hand picked flowers Double hooping
Hanky girl Hippie baby Peace out Sue moe.moth tat
Death stops Twig from crossing over Peacock girl gorgeous girl at moe.down Sue and Twig
IMG_6753 Riding goe.t Hulk for mayor of moe.down Mexican SpongeBob SpongeBob
Ricky or Russell Crowe? Maria on the hoop Riding the ski lift Tapers in the house Twig with Homer

This last shot is of a girl screaming for an second encore before the night - and the weekend - wrapped up with the traditional fireworks.

Cheering for a moe. encore

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