Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mad Cabin camp out

Charlie's water fountain

Realizing that we had a free night coming up in our schedule we quickly scrambled to make a booking at the infamous Mad Cabin. This is by far our favourite little riverside getaway on the Madawaska River owned and operated by our friends the Neills.

Friday around supper, we loaded up the van (with enough gear to stay a week) and then zipped out to Kanata to pick up Maddie who had been spending the last few days at Grandma and Grandpa's luxury spa and retreat. Finally we were off to Burnstown... well, technically not "Burnstown proper", more like country-living Burnstown. A subtle difference often overlooked by non-Burnstownies.

Morning mommy

We arrived around 6pm to warm greetings (though Charlie's were a little wet) and monster hugs before making our way down the hill to the river cabin. Funny sometimes how life's everyday luxuries - hydro, flush toilets, clean underwear - are often the very things you leave behind when trying to rejuvenate the soul with Mother Nature.

Breakfast at the river cabin Searching for a safer place to eat

Saturday's breakfast of fresh bread, scrambled eggs, and sausage was gobbled up in no time. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on one of the enormous tire tubes or paddling in the handcrafted canoe.

Loading up the voyageurs
Taking a dive The tube challenge Laurel in a rainbow
Friends, summer, and a big black tube

Good times and yet another trip ending in heartfelt promises to visit more often - promises we too often let slip as time chews away at our lives.



Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!


badtunna24 said...

wow i'm absolutely stunned by this cabin. It is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to get away to a place like this and just enjoy peace and quiet!