Sunday, August 16, 2009

Soccer in the hot hot sun

Nepean City Storm

This weekend was the end of year soccer tournament for Nepean City house league soccer and it was freakin' hot. The afternoon reached 40°C with the humidex and it most definitely affected the girls soccer as they were just not playing at the level that we'd seen them play during the regular season. Regardless, nobody passed out from heat stroke and in the end they all had a great afternoon playing 4 games back to back.

Ceremonies Emma receives her medal

Medals and team photos were handed out after several rounds of applause for coaches, referees, volunteers, and even parents. Well done girls and we're already missing the busy but fulfilling schedule.

Later that same day our daughter had an invite to come out to the competitive girls soccer practice. So after a quick shower and an awesome meal of pulled pork sandwiches and various fruit dipped in a delicious chocolate yogurt the entire family whipped back out into the heat to watch some more soccer.

Cooling down thanks to the Ottawa Fire Department Cooling down thanks to the Ottawa Fire Department
Sorry about the crap quality, I had to resort to my cell phone's camera.

The effort was well rewarded though as one of the players' fathers (a fireman) paid a surprise visit with the fire truck to hose down the girls. They absolutely loved it, as did some of the parents and family dogs. A day not soon forgotten.

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