Friday, August 14, 2009

Murphy's Point getaway

Silver Queen Mine

With a forecast for the first summer heat wave coming up this weekend we decided to squeeze in a one night trip out to Murphy's Point where we could keep ourselves immersed in water. It turned out to be a great call as the temperature soared into the 40's with the humidex.

Dragonfly Give snakes a brake

We opted to keep the trip simple and brought only a tent, some floating chairs (my awesome Father's Day gift), some BBQ ribs, and lots of fluids.

R&R at Murphy's Point Relaxing day in the heat

Friday evening we signed up along with 83 others for the Silver Queen Mine tour. We learned a little about the geological history of the region, about the Lally homestead once located here, and of course about mining mica, feldspar, and apatite (not a fun job by the way). A great piece of local history if you ever get the chance to take the tour yourself.

Silver Queen ghost miners Silver Queen Miners

Nice helmet eh. I think my head is too big to be a miner.

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