Friday, April 10, 2009

Lazying at Lusk

Lunch at Lusk Cabin

Good Friday was fast approaching and as luck would have it I had a window of opportunity open up giving me a chance to head up into the GAT for the day. The only question was would I be hiking or skiing? It turned out I didn't have to ponder over that question too long when BLAMMO! we got one last dump of snow mid week. In fact some areas of Gatineau Park got as much as 10-15 cm so obviously a ski it would be and of course joining me would be Mike and Ken. Lusk Cabin here we come...

Keep to the side

We had to choose our path wisely. In the morning, we were able to ski most of the way with only a short carry over here and there but by the time we were skiing out the blacktop was popping through a little more making the walks a little longer.

Biker meets skier

In some ways the rapid melting of snow cover between morning and afternoon was a first hand view of the changing seasons. In fact we got more than one strange look from the others hiking in as we made our way back to the parking lot. The strangest looks coming from the family of 4 on bikes as they pushed and pulled them over the snow to the open pavement. Although I think we got the last laugh there as there was still way more snow than pavement.

Splashing of Spring
Lusk Cabin Lusk Lake

The ski outing proved to be an unexpected yet welcome adventure. It gave us one last taste of winter and definite flavor of spring. There's no doubt now that ski season is over which means that canoe and hiking season is just around the corner. Bring it on!

Spring is on the grill
One last stop at Renaud before heading out.

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