Monday, April 20, 2009

Hike to Healey and Herridge

Cheers from Healey

The day's original plan was to make our annual trek up Luskville Falls to the fire tower but in the end one of the gang couldn't make it so we decided to hold off. Our back-up plan was to hike the snowshoe trail down the road from P16 to the Healey and Herridge shelters. I met up with Kenmore around 9:30 at the parking lot and not long after we were joined by Dave.

Crossing the beaver dam

There was a little snow and ice on the trails and even the odd flooded beaver dam but for the most part the hike was smooth going.

Hanging at Healey

Around back at Healey we found a live trap (made by Havahart) meant to catch pesky critters and ship them off to new locations. The thing here was, whoever set this trap originally obviously forgot all about it as the door was sprung and the critter inside was loooong dead. In fact it appears that other hungry beasts managed to devour most of this guy through the holes in the cage. Talk about picking at your food. Yum.

Caught in a trap

After a snack and a beverage at Healey we hiked (more like wandered as it's less than 1 km away) over to Herridge Shelter. Here we enjoyed the last of the day's sunshine while we ate the rest of our lunch. The birds and squirrels were busy (and noisy) at the nearby bird feeder. I suppose they need to eat too, right?

Welcome to Herridge Herridge Shelter
Squirrel about to fall

A great start to the 2009 hiking season.


Kenmore said...

guess I didn't get the memo regarding orange shirts... hunting season isn't for a while tho' right? So is this a "Pre-earth Day" convention?

Zartimus said...

Some good pics there!

Mine was a Zombie shirt I bought on the Internet for $5