Saturday, April 25, 2009

Family Fire Tower Trek

Arriving at the fire tower

After the cancellation of our annual fire tower trek last Monday I tried one last time to rally the troops before the date slipped away into bug season. Again it wasn't proving easy. Mike was heading to Montreal, Dave busy with family and new home stuff, and Kenmore was helping map out the Mother's Day 10k race. Hmmm, I thought, what about my family? (brilliant eh?) Well I made a pitch and BLAMMO! they were hooked. Saturday would be the day and the deal closer would be one family-sized poutine. Yum.

As the date approached and I started to talk start times, Kenmore bellied up and joined the adventure. Personally I think it was the word poutine that nailed it for him too. Either way we were making our annual hike up Luskville Falls and the weather was to be sunny and 26°C. Sweet.

After a parking lot pit stop, we were off and running. Well not really. Only a dozen steps down the trail and Kenmore spotted a garter snake slithering away through the dry leaves. Reason enough for Sara to jump off trail and scoop him up for a little photo shoot. A good start to what would be a great day.

Edward the garter snake
Making their way to the top Coming down
up up up up up up .... and .... down down down


As is always the case, the climb up was a cooker but once we finally broke through into the open air we managed to score a nice breeze. Just the perfect time for a snack break and a refreshing beverage... not to mention front row centre seats overlooking the Ottawa River.

Lazing at the (near) top
IMG_1928 Luskville Fire Tower In your eyes...

After refueling we strapped the packs back on and made our way towards the fire tower. By now the rain was threatening us with a splash here and there but it never did anything more than cool us down a 1/2 degree.

The rain started up again as we reached the fire tower so we scuttled off under a pine to enjoy the rest of our snacks and beverages. It'd didn't last long if at all.

From the top down there was only one beckoning call. "Poutine." A tasty end to a great day.

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Michael said...

Ah, some youth and beauty added to the crew, sweet!