Sunday, April 19, 2009

A day in Ashdad

Lou's Beaver Pond

This weekend we spent some time with our friends in Burnstown. We arrived around noon on Saturday and after a little catching up we dug into a quick lunch of hotdogs, chicken nachos, and lemon loaf. It may sound like a strange combo but it turned out to be a hit all around.

After lunch we put on our raincoats and rubber boots (or "gum rubbers" if you're from Ashdad) and headed over to walk the property that our friends recently purchased. We spent about 3 hours touring the trails, walking the fence lines, and circumnavigating the beaver pond. A very enjoyable afternoon - especially given that the bugs are not yet out and the leaves are still off the trees providing us with maximum visibility. And even though we were prepared for it, it never did actually rain.

Halloween Tree Rubber boot season

The rest of the day was spent cooking, eating, drinking, and playing some riverside blues down by the Mad Cabin.

The Mad Cabin... Spring and Summer

Spring creek at the "Mad" Cabin The Mad Cabin getaway
Cabin blues Run Charlie Ghost stories and beer

And of course the kids also had a blast together. Check out the monster fort they made for the Saturday night sleepover. Sweet.

Monster fort

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