Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chocolate bunnies and birthdays birds

This weekend was the long awaited Easter long weekend (insert applause here) and like every other year we packed up and headed west for Peterborough to spend it with family and friends. This time though we were getting a late start as Sara's last soccer try-out was Friday evening. The good news is she made the cut. (more applause)

Blue Jay Yellow birdies

The weather in Peterborough was a little cool but sunny with blue skies. The birds were out in full force and not just those killer chickadees that try to steal your sandwich either. Blue Jays and Yellow Finches were busy at the feeders. My guess is the hummingbirds haven't yet hitched a ride with the geese.

And if Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies weren't enough we also managed to squeeze in a double birthday party. Grandma (aka Gamzie) turned 80 and little baby Hannah turned 2. Check out that awesome cake.

A dual birthday cake
IMG_1584 IMG_1573

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