Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hailstorm hits Ottawa

It was just after 6pm today when BLAMMO! We were hit with another spring hailstorm. It lasted about 7-10 minutes which was a long time in comparison to other hailstorms I've experienced. (For a clearer picture, go to youtube and click on "higher quality video" under the word "Views").

Throwing caution to the wind, I opened the front door and starting videotaping the freak storm. The hailstones were bouncing and ricocheting all around me and right inside the house. One that was nearly the size of a golf ball just missed my head. Yikes.

Hailstorm hits Ottawa

I know what you're thinking, serves me right for opening the door in the first place. Hard to believe it was 20°C when this storm came a calling. What's up with that?


Michael said...

There sure are a lot of weeds on your lawn!

Kenmore said...

Why didn't you get out the skis!!!