Saturday, June 07, 2008

GAT hike up the Eardley Escarpment

Hiking down the GAT escarpment

Today was sweltering hot. The temperature officially reached 39°C with humidex making it the hottest day of the year... so far. That said we weren't about to let a little sun and humidity (or bugs) keep us from celebrating our friend Dave's 40th birthday in the GAT.

Dave, Ken, Diane, and I all hit the trail just after 9:30 (temp was already 34) and proceeded to follow the creek up to the Yellow Box trail. Bugs were out in force but some DEET and a steady pace kept them at bay until we broke though to the first opening where we were greeted by a great view, and a welcome breeze. Bugs be gone.

Ken and Diane check out the view
First view of the day
Ottawa River Valley
The View

After a short lunch break we continued up the trail and around to the next look out point. The breeze had now graduated to a steady wind and the view was even more spectacular. Time for another snack and a pint for Kenmore and I while Dave enjoyed a second Coke Zero and Diane polished off her gazpacho. To each their own, I suppose.

Round the pond

After being buried in a near-record setting snowfall the GAT was once again teeming with signs life. We spotted lots of spring wildflowers, a variety of bugs, a deer carcass or two, frogs, a couple of garter snakes, a red-tailed hawk, and several turkey vultures.

Photo by Dave.
Gatineau jungle
Hiking down the GAT escarpment Garter snake

The day wrapped up with the usual stop at the local frites truck. Diane opted for the triple chocolate brownie ice cream while the guys enjoyed a round of medium fries. In celebration of his birthday, Dave washed his down with a Slushie. Yum!

A great day for a celebration... Happy Birthday Dave!!
Happy Birthday Zart!

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I'm not 40 you bastard(grin)