Friday, May 30, 2008

GAT hike to Lac Hatchet

Mourning Cloak

Gatineau Park: Lac Hatchet (5 km)
Parking: N45 34.764 W76 05.502
Lac Hatchet: N45 34.896 W76 06.743

This trail into Lac Hatchet is definitely one of the lesser known trails in Gatineau Park. The path is narrow and often overgrown but if you keep a watchful eye you can still follow the fading splashes of yellow on the trees. From what I understand, this is an extension of the Yellow Box Trail that runs East of the Eardley Masham Road.

Green forest
Faces in the trees

There are a couple of spots along the way where the trail seems to fork. On the way in I recommend taking the higher path in order to get to the lookout points. With nothing but blue sky today, the views of the Ottawa River and valley below were a welcome break from the sea of green.

Pink Lady's Slipper Wild Columbine or Honeysuckle
Lac Hachet
Fringed Polygala (Gaywings) Wildflower

As you can see from the photos above, spring has obviously got a firm hold on this part of the park. Wildflowers were everywhere offering a welcome wash of colour along the trail.

One of the best parts about this hike is the solitude. Not a soul in sight. The only draw back for this time of the year is that we now seem to be in between bug seasons. Both the black flies and mosquitoes were buzzing around but for the most part they were kept at bay with the breeze and a splash of l'eau d'OFF. Certainly not enough to keep one from enjoying lunch and a pint in the great outdoors.

Checkin' out the view

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