Monday, February 04, 2008

A visit from London

This weekend we had a visit from our UK friends, Glenn and Donna. They are experienced travelers and often have little or no plan before setting off around the world. Needless to say, this trip was no different as they zoomed into town on Saturday afternoon on a 3 day stop before continuing on to Toronto and then St. Lucia.

Sunday we headed down to the Rideau Canal to check out some of the Winterlude attractions. The ice was a little rough but we were determined to get in our annual skate on the world's largest outdoor rink. Yes, the sign now reads "largest" not longest after Winnipeg's little fiasco calling in The Guinness crew with their measuring tapes to steal our record. Anyhow, after our skate we felt that we well deserved one of Ottawa's famous Beaver Tails.

Beaver Tails
Skating on Dows Lake Glenn and Donna

Sunday night we went down to Patty's Pub to relive the our Carleton U days with some old friends. The Super Bowl was playing in the background and actually proved to be an awesome match-up for a change.

Monday we decided to celebrate Paula's birthday by driving up into Gatineau Park for a x-c ski. Donna is originally from New Zealand which sees little or no snow but through years of traveling she has managed to "master" the downhill scene and mentioned that she was now ready to try some cross country. So off we went to rent some skis, poles and boots at Trailhead for about $10 a set and then up to P10 in Gatineau Park. From there we skied up to Shilly Shally cabin for some left over pizza warmed up on the woodstove and a pint of Kilkenny.

Glenn and Donna at Shilly Shally

We had a great time and I think Donna may be ready for some of the more technical trails. Glenn on the other hand was well bad and managed to re-injure his shoulder and pull his groin during one of his many attempts at skate skiing. Too funny.

All in all we had a great time and can't wait for their next visit to Ottawa. Hopefully it's not another 5 years between... cheers guys.

Group shot

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