Friday, February 08, 2008

Murphys Point x-c ski trip

Group winter camping

Murphys Point Provincial Park: N44 46.912 W76 14.279 (Google map)
Ontario Parks Ski Report

Today I decided to try some x-c ski trails in Ontario for a change and after a little research I headed out to Murphys Point Provincial Park (near Perth) where they have 20 km of groomed ski trails. After a nice snow fall the day before, and a fresh grooming, the trails where in great shape. And although the day was overcast the temperature was hovering around -3 and the occasional flurries made for near perfect ski conditions. Definitely no complaints.

Murphys Point ski trail map

I decided to start with the Round Lake loop (10 km) with a pit stop at the Lally Chalet for lunch. I was the second skier to do the loop since the grooming and managed to make it all the way around the lake to the chalet without seeing a single soul. I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude - a nice break from the Gatineau traffic.

Lally homestead
POV on the Murphy's Point ski trail Lally Chalet
Murphy's Point ski trail

Some wildlife had managed to gnaw their way through the wooden door to the room under the main floor of the Lally Chalet. Inside I found two porcupines and two raccoons. What I found mildly amusing was to see the porcupines each in their own corner while the coons where snuggled together for warmth. Obviously it makes perfect sense but does lend credence to the age old question, "How do porcupines have sex?". The answer of course is very, very carefully.

Lally Chalet porcupines
Lally Chalet coons

I finished the day off with a pint of Guinness at O'Reillys in Perth. A fine pub.

Sunday the Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club are running free x-c ski lessons from 1-4pm and they are bringing in Sue Holloway as one of the instructors. For those of wondering who she is well she's none other than the first Canadian to compete in both the Summer and Winter Games in the same year. That's right, she competed in kayaking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. Then in the 1984 Summer Olympics in kayaking and brought home a bronze and silver medal. Cheers to Sue the Canadian Olympic Hall of Famer.

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