Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ski lessons with Summer and Winter Olympian Sue Holloway

Murphys Point ski day

Murphys Point Provincial Park: N44 46.912 W76 14.279 (Google map)
Murphys Point Ski Report

Sunday we decided to make a day trip to Murphys Point Provincial Park for some more cross country skiing and to catch some free lessons with Sue Holloway, a Canadian Olympic athlete (see note at the end of Friday's blog).

Murphys Point ski trail

We come camping here at least once a year in the summer so this was a great chance for us to experience the park in winter under a fresh fluffy blanket of snow. It was beautiful. And the weather cooperated too, with blue skies and temperatures hovering around -5°C.

Outhouses by the ski trail

We pulled into the parking lot around 11, just in time to squeeze in a couple of loops through the snow covered campground before heading over to the chalet for lunch. We timed our arrival at the park store/winter ski chalet just right too as they were setting up for hot chocolate and snacks. Yum. Turned out we were a little early for the afternoon's ski lessons but that just meant we had the heated cabin all to ourselves.

Stomachs full, it was time to head over to the designated area and score ourselves some free ski lessons. More importantly I was looking forward to meeting Sue after reading all about her success as an Olympic athlete (medals to prove it). Again we were a bit early so the kids killed some time building a snowman to welcome everyone.


Finally Sue arrived with an entourage of enthusiastic followers in tow. Introductions were made and then BLAMMO! Sue had everybody engaged in a variety of activities and soon both kids and parents were laughing and enjoying themselves. So much so that they likely didn't even realize that they were picking up some lifelong cross country ski tips. Well done Sue.

Sue Holloway
Ski soccer with Sue Holloway X-C ski lessons with Sue Holloway
X-C ski lessons with Sue Holloway

Making winter memories... Thank you Sue.
Group shot with Sue Holloway

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Kenmore said...

So nice you skied it twice! Looks like things are in great shape out there at the "Point". Great catch to bag the free ski lessons. You'll have the whole fam signed up at Nakkertok taking full "Jackrabbit" lessons next year.