Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bruce Pit toboggan run

Bruce Pit toboggan hill

The tobogganing conditions were perfect yesterday so we decided to head out to Bruce Pit for some fun. Being so close to supper I was a little surprised to see so many people on the hill. But even more surprising was all the jumps and bumps. Luckily over the years I have developed a technique that seems to work quite well in saving my spine from collapsing and my tail bone from smashing. It's quite simple really, lean forward and roll with the wipe outs.

Taking flight on the GT

What I find most frightening is the parents. They load their children on toboggans and then while laughing maniacally shove them off the top of the hill and giggle as they watch them then bounce out of control from one bump to the next until they inevitably wipe out in a pile of arms and legs. Then they turn around and start chatting with the other parents while their child lies in the middle of the hill recovering like a human target for all the other parents to aim their children's sleds at. They should at least pay attention so that they can tally their points for each direct hit.

Tobogganing at Bruce Pit

Seriously, it is every man, woman, and child for themselves during this favourite Canadian winter pastime. I tobogganed down every time with the kids and wiped out on at least half of the rides due to catching too much air off one of these crazy jumps. I wouldn't doubt if it was these same parent's that came back late at night all liquored and camo'ed up to build these snow ramps and mogul luge runs. All so they can have another laugh the next day as they launch their wee loved ones over them.

Video clip of the kids and I tobogganing - complete with wipe out.

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