Friday, February 22, 2008

Ski to Healey Cabin

Healey Cabin

Gatineau Park: P16 to Healey Cabin (10 km)
P16 Pine Rd: N45 34.345 W75 53.134
Healey: N45 34.318 W75 56.019

Friday was another PD day for the kids and it was my turn to take the day off and entertain them. I decided on another x-c ski in Gatineau Park (surprised?). This time we left from P16 on Pine Rd and headed up up up to the newly renovated Healey Cabin near Herridge.

Leaving P16

The ski from P16 is a good 1.5 km climb but the good part is knowing that you'll get to ride this section for free on the ski down to the car.

Today's ski inspiration... or should I say m&m-spiration.

Healey Cabin Steep Hill sign leading down to P16

The next photo for those of you that want to read a little more on the history of the Healeys and their cabin.

Healy... Gatineau's newest ski chalet

Finally here is an old photo of the cabin before the restoration that I took back in 2005 when we were out here skiing and geocaching.

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Kenmore said...

Wait a minute... the kids got "Family day" on Monday and a PD day on Friday? Do they ever go to school anymore?

Nice choice for the trail. The new cabin is a nice one.