Monday, January 02, 2012

A White Christmas

Amber with the girls

One again we made the trek back to Peterborough on Christmas day only this year it was looking like it would be a green Christmas as the snow still hadn't fallen in sufficient quantity in Peterborough to actually stick. Then BLAMMO! We hit the town of Madoc and the snow started to fall. Yeah!!

At first if was fun to watch the flakes as they floated down and melted on the windscreen. Then the wind picked up and the flakes got bigger and bigger. Then darkness fell.

"Oh look everyone, it's like we're in the Millennium Falcon and we've just reached hyperspace." Click. (high beams) "And back to regular speed." Click. (low beams) Yeah, fun. That is until the wind picked up even more and the snow fall turned to snow squall. Then we watched as the black top of the road turned white and all those comforting yellow lines disappeared. Slowed to a 40km/hr crawl the kids asked for another light speed encore as Mom shouted, "No Bryan!" Hearing my given name I knew this was getting serious. The 40km an hour dipped to 30 but like an optical illusion the blowing snow had us feeling like we were doing 110. The occasional drift into the left lane followed by the slump of the wheels off the right shoulder weren't exactly confidence boosting either. Time for the back up plan. Tail behind another car at a speed and distance that would allow me to avoid following him into the ditch. It was a good plan and after a slow 30 minutes we were turning off the highway to my parents' place and Christmas dinner.

And yes, I was one of those eejits wishing for a white Christmas. Um, thanks Mother Nature, now pile it on and leave it be until mid-April.

Enough of the chatter, enjoy the pics.

IMG_9371-2 IMG_9421
IMG_9386 Amber
IMG_9149 Looking at death on a stick
Making a fresh snowman Is that a snow-woman?
Look at the wee boy Dinner chez McMullan

Happy 2012 everyone! Wishing you all health and heaps of happiness.

Christmas touques
Christmas touques


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