Sunday, January 08, 2012

Snow time


Finally the snow arrived and the timing was right for a family outing on the xc skis. A little backlogged on our list of chores, we opted to stay close to home and hit one of the many trails in the Greenbelt. As you can see, the conditions were great with only the odd rock hiding underneath the freshly fallen snow.

Ski time in the Greenbelt Ski time in the Greenbelt

After some Sunday morning footie, we cooked up a batch of chili and left it simmering on the stove while we hit the trails with some friends. Unfortunately not everyone had skis or snowshoes so we had to go old school... yes, walk. As per usual the birds swarmed us looking for handouts which we gladly provided. Jason was wise enough to plan ahead and came armed with some crushed nuts while my crew had to "borrowing" from one of the many feeders along the way. Hey, these birds aren't picky.

Feeding the angry birds IMG_9561
Penguin Sara Out for a hike with friends

Hopefully the snow stays and continues to pile on covering up the remaining rocks and roots. Is that really too much for a Canadian boy to ask?

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