Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wintry Adventures

Mikey at Ashdaddy Ski time

We finally managed to coordinate our schedule with the Neills' and meet up for a wintry adventure in Ashdad. As you can see from the photos above, things were a little different the last time we were out here at the cabin. Winter has since washed away all the colour and left a wonderland that we were more than ready to take advantage of with our skis and snowshoes.

Friday evening was filled with chatter and adult beverages while the kids tobogganed up and down the laneway in the dark. Come morning Mike and I were not long in purchasing a couple of 4 shot espressos at the Neat Cafe to jump start our day. Cheers for that.

We arrived at the trail head around noon and while most of us opted to ski the short distance to the cabin with our snowshoes in hand, Mikey the mule volunteered to pull in the toboggan loaded with food and drink. From that point on it was a blur of skiing and snowshoeing with short breaks for food and warmth by the woodstove. The sun was toasty warm making the the -10C feel like +10C and we spent much of our cabin time soaking it in on the pond-side porch.

Photos always tell a story, and the story here is that the kids are growing more and more independent. As you'll notice from the pics, our ski and snowshoe adventure teams were always divided into two groups - adults and "children". (Note to self: Ask Maddie for some of her team photos that she snapped with her awesome new camera.)

Reflections of a great winter's day Snowshoeing
Laurel checks the ice The old homestead
Warming up Sunset over the pond


John said...

Beautiful pics, Brian...

Pim said...

Great pictures Brian. Absolutely stunning scenery.