Monday, December 19, 2011

Taylor Lake Yurt

Time to make adjustments

Year two in the annual Gatineau Park sleepover. In contrast to last year's xc ski adventure this year's snowless December left us with little choice but to hike it in. While Ken and I were slightly discouraged by the lack of snow, Dave was secretly smiling as this would allow him to haul in his camp guitar or maybe he was simply relieved that he would be avoiding the bruises after another xc ski adventure. Either way, we were all equally excited to escape the workforce (note I didn't say family) and head into the backwoods for some time off the grid.

Three skiers forced to hike in mid-December Taylor Lake yurt
Hiking in to Taylor Lake Kenmore pumps some water from Taylor Lake

We arrived at Taylor Lake to find it frozen black. Not a splash of snow on top of the smooth icy surface. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) we didn't have our blades with us so we opted to play safe and not venture out beyond the point of no return.

Inside the Taylor Lake yurt Inside the Taylor Lake yurt

The rest of the night was spent cooking and eating, listening to Dave rock on the camp guitar, and watching an episode of An Idiot Abroad and Louis CK's latest stand-up (available as a $5 download here).

Morning brought the fluffy white stuff. Luckily (at this point) it was only a couple of inches and nothing that would cause a problem for us hiking out. Cheers to the GAT sleepover until next year.

Heading home Cage for bilingual bears
Dave cautiously approaches the icicle wall Zartimus relaxing in the Taylor Lake yurt

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