Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring swimming

Chased by three donuts

Fresh after our return from Murphys Point we hit the road again (wife/mom included) to spend day with our friends the Neills at their river cabin. It was another warm day and despite the chilly water conditions the kids swam nearly non-stop. Even Mikey and I took a plunge to cool off.

Recipe for disaster Sara in the middle
Taking Charlie for a spin Tube time

It's always fun to visit the Mad Cabin. Nothing to do but chat, swim, canoe, cook on the barbie, and pluck on the six string.

Mikey and Charlie
Grrrr Six strings Nice head

A great start to the summer even though it's still technically spring.


Michael said...

How were the bugs?

Tripper said...

It was kind of weird, there were NO bugs at all. Must have been the -7 degree drop the weekend before.