Saturday, May 08, 2010

Emma runs a cold, wet 5 km


The gauntlet had been thrown down by her older sister the week earlier and in true character Emma happily accepted the challenge. Pouring rain and hovering only slightly above zero, the weather was far from perfect but that wouldn't slow down our little footballers. As Emma and her Nepean Storm teammates stretched and hopped on the starting line to keep warm Sparta Cat struggled to get his huge paw around the air horn to sound the start of the race.

RCMP Pipes & Drums band Rat a tat tat

Opening the "Share the Power of a Wish/Walk Run" was the National Capital's RCMP Pipe and Drum band. The bagpipes blasting in the pouring rain made it feel like we were in the Scottish highlands but alas we were in downtown Ottawa alongside the Rideau Canal. Coincidentally Sara was exactly here yesterday with her school trying to break another Guinness Bear Hug record. (not sure if they were successful or not)

High five finish Emma looking fresh after her record time finish

Well after a mere 25 minutes Emma crossed the line only seconds behind two of her teammates. And yes, she beat her sister by about 2 minutes who is currently in protest as the time was not officially recorded using RFID chip technology and the digital timer at the finish line failed more than once during the race. Alas we'll have to settle for our approximation but I have a feeling we'll have a rematch someday.

Well done Emma and congrats to all the Nepean Storm girls. I'm sure this cardio workout will translate onto the pitch come soccer season.

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Kenmore said...

Not to get too technical but official times in races are the "clock time" and chip time is only for the runners personal interest. That's to say you can't start 15 minutes late and have a chip time faster than the winner and think you therefore won the race... I say Emma's time hold's... until the next race!