Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 24 at Murphys Point

First solo turtle catch

With all the hot sunny weather in the forecast I decided to take the kids for a night at Murphys Point to start off May 24 weekend. Great choice too as we had a great time biking, swimming, snake hunting, turtle chasing, coon cussing, and we even managed to slip in some R&R.

The kids were eager to kick off the snake catching season so not long after setting up camp we hopped on the bikes and made our way to the beach. Strangely enough we had it all to ourselves for the entire afternoon. Sweet.

First water snake of the season Underbelly of a northern water snake

The trip was a simple plan with relatively few items forgotten back at home (sorry about your air mattress Emma). Dinner was wieners and Bush Beans with a side of Cape Cod chips and Garden Herb flavored Triscuits - a menu that only seems to work well when served in the great outdoors.

May 24 swim Alone on the beach Emma fishing Millipede Area closed for rehab Lunch at Murphys Point

It turned out that Murphys Point was one of the 44 provincial parks with an alcohol ban in effect for the weekend. And as a warning to others out there, this ban is taken seriously and strongly enforced. Our neighbors were evicted only 2 hours after arriving. They were a quiet looking couple of about 45 years of age but that didn't matter none when the Smokey rolled by and spotted the case of Keiths in the trunk. Ouch. They had barely finished setting up the tent when he slapped them with a ticket and an escort to the front gate.

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