Monday, May 31, 2010

Icebreaker 2010

Pre-game coaching

This weekend was the Ottawa Icebreaker Tournament. This soccer tournament is second only to the World Cup. It consists of about 160 girls teams and 120 boys teams.

The end result was loads of soccer for the kids and a whack of shuttling back and forth between fields for the parents. Regardless it was a blast. The kids had a great time and mom and dad enjoyed watching every second of it. Even the stressful moments of the penalty kick shootouts - all five of them!

U11 Nepean City Thunder in action
Larissa and Emma Making the tunnel

This is the last year for Emma's team on the mini-pitch. Their skill levels and speed have improved immensely over the last couple of years and the result is a fast paced game with lots of scoring chances.

U13 Nepean City Storm U13 Nepean City Storm

As for Sara's team, this is only their second year on the full-sized pitch and they're slowly starting to get used to their positioning and building up their cardio for the long runs on the attack and defense. This tournament should give them a jump on some of the other teams in their division as they played a total of 6 games that will prepare them for the upcoming season. They also have a couple of new players that proved to be working out quite well.

Five for the parents Five for the parents

By time the weekend wrapped up we were all a little tired but our spirits were easily picked up with some refreshing ice cream. We're already looking forward to the next tournament... and luckily it will not involve both kids at the same time again.

Talia works the lines

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