Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gatineau spelunking

Bat in the cave

Today I joined up with Mike, Ken, Dave, and Diane to do some hiking and a little caving or spelunking in Gatineau Park. Apparently there are two terms floating about that are used to describe a person that explores caves - one for for the experts (cavers) and another for the rookies and wannabees (spelunkers). We are obviously the latter.

grizz in the cave

As expected, the "cave" was more of a small hole in the ground that would allow 3-4 people in the entrance and then, if willing to get very muddy, one could crawl down around and then up and out the back door. Oh and said person would have to be pretty tiny too.

Regardless we all loved it. After some time exploring the cave and snapping photos we continued on down the trail.

Swooping around
Old Mountain Dew can
Old Mountain Dew can

The Old Mountain Dew can I found was an interesting piece of history. The catch phrase on it read, "It'll tickle yore innards!" and it had a cartoon of a hunter chasing a rabbit with a rifle. The top was actually an old style top that required a can opener to punch holes in it. I wish now that I had kept it but alas all I have is this photo.

As we approached the parking lot we decided to stop at a picnic table and have some lunch and a pint. Good times.

Lunch time

(Note who has the Power Rangers lunchbox and who has the bright pink one. Too funny.)

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