Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Mad" Cabin hideout

The Mad Cabin getaway

Friday after work/school the kids and I drove up to our friend's cabin on the Madawaska River to stay the night. For me life's all about "windows of opportunities" and as luck would have it our plan to visit conflicted with our friend's plan to actually be there for the visit.

Apparently my half day advance notice conflicted with their plan to go camping at Bon Echo (with other friends I might add). Not willing to drop what I thought was a great idea I quickly modified it to be an adventure rather than a visit.

Luckily our friends are very accommodating and gave me all the advice I would need to "move in" to the cabin for the night. Advice number one, don't mess with the homemade mouse trap (a bucket of anti-freeze in the corner) and number two, be sure to "check out" the new thunder box out back.

After some convincing both kids decided to join me giving mom some alone time to catch up on some school work. We arrived just after sundown and quickly carried our gear down the steep hill to the river. Somehow we managed to get everything down in only two trips (where's my mule?) but as Sara kindly pointed out you'd think we were planning to stay the week. Ha, such is always the case.

This cabin has evolved into something just the other side of awesome. A great multi-level deck, BBQ and stove, lots of natural sunlight, a cozy loft for sleeping, and now a woodstove for those chilly nights. All you would need and a little more.

Late night UNO A little DS before bedtime
A game of UNO and some late night NDS...

Saturday morning we woke early to the sound of rain... well what we thought was rain was actually the sound of the cascading creek that crosses the path just metres away from the cabin. Sunshine greeted us as we all took turns at "the box" and then I boiled up some water for coffee and hot coco. Today's agenda? Relaxation.

Quiet morning
Caught in a ring Morning paddle
"Pull me in"

In the end we left the mousetrap well enough alone and as requested, we put the new open air outhouse to the test. (No thanks necessary guys.)

Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat
Shout out to the Neills... wish you were here.


Zartimus said...

1. Where do you poop?
2. Does that guitar on the wall work?
3. Where do you poop again?
4. Catch any mice?

Tripper said...

1. Poop in the thunder box.... that's just another name for outhouse.
2. Of course the guitar on the wall works. Mikey is a big time bar room musician. Recorded and released CDs and everything.
3. Pee where ever you want... outside of course.
4. No mice.

When do you want to go?