Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jeffrey and Sherri... and an awesome Italian meal

Peace dove

Once a year we all manage to meet for a few days up in the Sault. Normally we head to Pancake Bay on Lake Superior and bake on the beach but this year it was the wedding of Jeffrey and Sherri that had us all gathered together. Well... Jeffrey, Sherri, and a hearty Italian meal.

The whole gang
The gang


The wedding was at 1 pm and was all wrapped up by 1:30 (is it only Catholic weddings that are an hour or more?). There were seven on each side including the best man and maid of honor. Guests totaled over 350. There was no mistaking this for anything but an Italian wedding. After the ceremony we headed over to cousin Diane's for some food and refreshments. It was a great chance to chat with a few of the out of town guests but at the same time it was difficult to hold back on all the delicious snacks as we all knew we'd have to save our appetites for the evening.

The menu

Finally the moment we'd all been waiting for...the food had arrived. Antipasto Italiano, chicken noodle soup, fettucine, meat ravioli, meatballs, chicken cutlets with mushroom sauce, roast potatoes, green beans, tossed salad, and of course wedding cake with coffee and tea.

I have been to many many weddings over the years (one summer we attended 8) and most serve a good meal but not one of them compare to an Italian wedding in the Sault. Words can't describe.

When the Italian meatballs and ravioli were served we all pulled out our cameras to record the glorious moment.

Jay takes a third helping of meatballs

After the meal and speeches - congrats again to Uncle Peter who was MC'ing the event - the 11 pm dessert tables were set up for those that might have a small hole left to fill. All homemade decadent Italian pastries - biscotti, genetti, pizzelle, tart, cakes, and plenty of fresh fruit. Needless to say I forced myself to indulge.

Jeffrey and Sherri's wedding

The rest of the evening was fairly standard - garter belt toss, bouquet toss, first dances, and lots of laughs and good times. Thank you Jeffrey and Sherri for bringing us all together on your big day.

Did I mention it was an open bar?
Jeffrey and Sherri's wedding
Emma and Abbie Jeffrey and Sherri's wedding

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