Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gothics via Pyramid

Enjoying the view from Pyramid

Pyramid Peak
Elevation: 4515 ft (1376 m)
Peak: N44 07.416 W73 51.372

Elevation: 4736 ft (1444 m)
Peak: N44 07.668 W73 51.442
Parking lot: N44 08.982 W73 46.057
Distance: 22.2 km

Today I decided to take the day off and join Mike on another hike in the Adirondacks. This time his plan was to tackle Pyramid via the Arthur Weld Trail. From there we would move on to Gothics and complete the loop back down Beaver Meadow Falls trail to the car.

The start (and end) of the trail follows the road for about 5-6 kms through the Ausable Valley Golf Club home to some fine green with some stunning back drops.

View from the Ausable golf course

Once past the golf course we signed the log book and started down the road to Lower Ausable Lake where we would start our climb.

Almost immediately after crossing the bridge over the dam we hit a sign marking a side trail to Rainbow Falls. On a whim, we decided to head down it and see what it was all about. Wow. No regrets, this was a spectacular falls. Apparently it is nearly 150 feet - the highest in the Adirondacks. And lucky for us there was a fair bit of water cascading over the top thanks to all the recent rain.

Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Once past the falls we started the gradual, and then not-so-gradual, climb up to Pyramid Peak. Coming out of the bush and stepping onto Pyramid is breathtaking. The peak is only a tiny piece of exposed rock that could maybe allow 6 hikers to comfortably sit and enjoy a break. But the view is anything but "tiny". It's grand. From this vantage point one can easily spot several of the 46 peaks including Gothics which was next on our day's hiking list. Left to right Mike (not I) could name off Dix, Nippletop, Colvin, Blake, Sawteeth, Haystack, Marcy, Basin, Saddleback, and Gothics.

View from Pyramid (pano)

After about an hour of relaxing, eating, snapping photos, chatting with some fellow hikers, and generally soaking it all in we moved on to Gothics.

The slide off Gothics

Looking back at Pyramid Peak
Looking back towards Pyramid

While quite nice on its own, Gothics' view just didn't have the same awe-factor as Pyramid. However Gothics does count as one of the infamous 46 peaks, unlike Pyramid which does not (due to a technicality it's considered to be a sub-peak of Gothics).

Gothics survey marker

Gothic Ravens
Ravens riding the wind off Gothics

On the way out we passed another waterfalls, Beaver Meadow Falls. We stopped long enough to wash some of the sweat and salt off and snap a few more pics before heading down the trail in hopes of hitting the road before dark.

Beaver Meadow Falls
Beaver Meadow Falls

All said and done it was a 20.5 hour day from the morning alarm until finally arriving back home. Hiking time was about 11 hours. Total number of photos taken between the two of us was around 600 plus a 14 minute video clip. Making memories.


Kenmore said...

That's a beauty of a hike... Great spot to stop and see a couple of cool waterfalls and Pyramid peak is a great lunch spot.

Tripper said...

My guide claimed that it was the best ADK hike for views. Actually he has quite an elaborate system for labelling "best" ADK hikes, you should ask him about it sometime.

Kenmore said...

My recollection is your guide refers to the "best hike" as the one he is currently on. Next week the "Best hike" will be something different than last week ;-) I for one think he was correct this time tho'.

Michael said...

Semantics...Pyramid/Gothics best views, Haystack best hike and Algonquin is my favorite