Thursday, March 06, 2008

Skiing Trail 36 to Healey Cabin

Trail 36

Gatineau Park: P11 O'Brien to Healey Cabin (20 km)
P11 O'Brien: N45 31.619 W75 51.855
Healey: N45 34.318 W75 56.019

Today was a mental health day. The plan was to relax and unwind from the day to day stress by spending the day skiing in Gatineau Park. It certainly worked.

Trail 36 from P11

I left P11 O'Brien and headed up and down, up and down Trail 36 towards Trail 50 and Healey cabin. After the fresh 28 cms of snow yesterday and a fresh grooming, the trail was simply superb.

My posse for the day

While stopping to take a photo of Meech Lake a trio of skiing retirees passed me. Hellos were exchanged (a prerequisite in the x-c ski world) and I quickly fell in behind them thinking that I might use them to set me a leisurely pace.

Well I was soon sucking wind and working hard to find my rhythm while these lads chatted away like they were out strolling through the neighborhood park. Hats off boys. I hope to be in as good a shape when I hit my golden years.

Snowed in boathouse

After arriving to a full house at Healey cabin I sat down and cracked open my hard earned pint of Grolsch and tossed my turkey and cheese sandwich on the woodstove to be toasted. Then just when I started to think that life couldn't get any better I looked over at the other table to see three young girls and their parents dipping various fruit in a chocolate fondue. Now that's sweet! (pun intended) Not sure what my fellow ski buddies Mike and Kenmore would think if I pulled one of these out of my pack though.

Meech Lake bridge on Trail 36

After lunch I thought I'd scramble out the door and down the trail to get a jump on my trio of retirees but they soon passed me again. Not a problem, after all solitude is part of the reason I came out here in the first place.

Rumor has it that Saturday is going to bring us another 30 cms of snow. I say keep it coming, I'm not quite finished skiing for this season.

Discovery Trail

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