Friday, March 14, 2008

March Break 2008

March Break gang

There is no doubt that this March Break will go down in history as the one that raised the bar. Tons of snow, good weather, and most important of all great company. This is our 5th year in a row celebrating March Break with the McMullans and we're already looking forward to next year. Making memories.

Day 1: Made a toboggan run. As per usual the hill was in top form. This year there were two dangerous obstacles to navigate right at the bottom when the toboggan has reached its maximum speed and minimum maneuverability. Kids were wiping out nearly every run. Full face plants and pile ons. Parents were stationed full time at both the boulder and canoe rack in order to ensure there would not be another run into the Barry's Bay hospital (as was the case in 2005 when I bit a hole through my tongue - don't even ask).

Snow job
Toboggan guard Hold on tight

Day 2: Hike. We had hoped for a nice hike into the wilderness but this year's record snow dump put a serious damper on the plan.

Day 3: Hike along the Hastings Heritage snowmobile trail and stop for a fire and a lunch. Originally the plan included roasting hot dogs... don't bother asking what happened to that idea. The cheese, crackers, and kielbasa tasted great especially when washed down with a couple of snowbank cooled Grolsch.

Snow mountain climbing
Fire in a snowbank Hiking the snowmobile trail
IMG_1374 IMG_1368

This year, more than any previous, we seemed to find lots of time to just relax either by the woodstove, in the sauna, or in the hot tub.

Cooking old school Cooking burgers for lunch

We'll be back.

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