Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at the farm

Easter on the farm

Once again we spent Easter weekend at my parent's house. This year the snow was crusty which made it just perfect for skiing and tobogganing. It seemed that at least half the daylight hours where spent tobogganing down the hills. Some spots required some quick thinking at the bottom in order to ensure that you don't become banged up in the trees or tangled up in barbed wire fencing. All part of the adventure.

Toboggan run
Jumping Opa Shadow says peace

Easter dinner was relatively quiet this year. But if Uncle Wayne is any indication it's quite possible that the food and wine was just too good to interrupt with pointless banter.

Uncle Wayne polishes off Easter dinner

Monday morning we were witness to what even Mike Rowe would consider worthy of an episode on Dirty Jobs as our friend the vet dropped by to check on some of the cows. Let's just say that we weren't exactly knocking each other over to help out.

You're gonna what?
Overseeing the vetranarian

All in all it was a great time to just relax with friends and family.

Snoozing on the hay bales

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