Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ottawa gets a snow job

Skiing in the streets of Ottawa

We were completely snowed in today. We got 50 cms yesterday and the plow still hasn't come by. The kids and I went skiing in the streets just before supper.

Blowing us out

Thanks to our awesome neighbor Ray and his sweet ride we were saved from shoveling most of our driveway. That guy is more popular than Santa Claus. Cheers Ray!!

Snow job

The above photo shows my wife and daughter for perspective. The banks in the driveway are now well over our front lamp post, hovering around the 8 ft mark. I love it.

Ski to school

We skied right from our front door and down a couple of streets before heading for one of the parks. Compared to our easy ride following one of the two tire tracks on the road, breaking trail in the park was hard work. Our poles would often stab down 2-3 feet into the snow before hitting something solid. In the end I let the kids go first as they were able to easily ski on top of the snow without really breaking through. I wasn't so lucky.

Skiing in the streets

Update: It's now 9:30 pm and still no sign of the plow. This never happened when we were still under Nepean and not the "mega-shitty" Ottawa.


Zartimus said...

"Ha Ha!"

Kenmore said...

You guys may enjoy this article from some other "urban skiers".